Thursday, October 23, 2014

The marriage

    Howdy! I have been recently involved in many marriage related things and I was not able to update my blog frequently. The last period of my private life was really intensive. On the other hand, this is a technical blog so something technical needs to be mentioned - the silence should be broken!

We had quite interesting honeymoon journey together with my wife. Here you can see two pictures:

Anyway, let's switch back to technical issues. Some time ago I decided to play a little bit with RAID0. The case is pretty simple when it comes to RAID0 setup using Intel P67 chipset - it is enough to have two similar disks and SATA controller set to RAID mode. Then, during boot time we need to hit CTRL + I (I as Intel) and we should be able to enter RAID controller configuration. As you can imagine, it was not that easy. CTRL + I combination gave me nothing. After some time, I noticed one suspected option in BIOS:
I changed the value from 'Keep Current' to 'Force BIOS' and the RAID controller configuration screen finally appeared:
There is some logic which stands behind 'Option ROM Messages'. The RAID configuration panel is presented before POST. It means that if you have any password that protects you against undesired BIOS access, you will not be protected against RAID controller configuration access. The trick is to set 'Option ROM Messages' to the value of 'Force BIOS', do the configuration job and then switch back to 'Keep Current' value. If you experienced BSOD during system loading after switching to RAID mode - you should install RAID driver by means of e.g. USB drive. If you do not have any USB drive you can switch back to IDE or AHCI mode - whichever you used before, install the driver from the system level and then switch again to RAID mode.

Hope it will help someone!

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  1. Keep up the good work mate! Cheers mate!